Human Cesspool

by Scythra

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released March 18, 2017

All music written and performed by Scythra

Guitars and bass recorded at Retrosleep Studios

Drums and vocals recorded at Blue Door Studios

Engineering, mixing, and mastering by Justin Bender

Artwork by Lord Maelkleth of Nachtterror



all rights reserved


Scythra regina, Saskatchewan

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Track Name: Skinned and Hollowed
Morbid anger controls, The rabid beast at hand,
Suffering slaughter, Inside,
Beginning to gut the corpses, One by one,
Leaving them skinned and hollowed, For my dirty pleasures,

Carving the bodies,
Ripping the flesh,
Sawing the limbs,
Eating the dead.

Limbless torso,
Gaping orifices,
Spewing viscera,
Excreting fluids,

Creating my own fantasy, Fucking the cold dead cadaver,
Cumming inside the undead, Oh, god, why.
Track Name: Human Cesspool
Your guts thrown into the pit,
Bowels and blood will spill,
Cries of human failure,
Fill up the cesspool, of humans,

Blood and guts,
Shit and sorrow,
Pit of entrails,
Swamp of filth.

Now the world will see, what a waste we have become,
A disgusting fucking pool of disaster, the, human,

Carcasses scatter,
Littered brain matter,
Poured into the pit,
of utter fucking waste.

Track Name: Immolated Corpses
Festered in the crypt, Burning bodies,
Lying upon the rotten floor, Burning mass of humans,
Blackened skin now lies, Displaying their demise,
Corpses at your feet, Engulfed by flames,

Skin turned to mulch, Blistered sickly
Fragments of sacrifice, Of immolated, corpses.

Decayed and dead, rotting away,
Bodies now slain in mass decay,
Melting, right from the bone,
Enter the grasp of death,

Skin turned to mulch, Blistered sickly
Fragments of sacrifice, Of immolated, corpses.

As the holy, turn to liquid.
Track Name: Umbilically Suffocated
Fetal suicide!
Filthy spawn of human life,
Cannot see, cannot breathe
Choking on the slimy tube of filth,
Air escapes your tiny lungs,
Gasp for air, death is near,
Eyes roll back as you begin to die.

Choking, on the fluids,
Maggots, chew your eyes out,
Screaming, as you gasp for air,
Enter your, fetal suicide.

Sinking, in the bloody womb,
Gargling, on the puss,
Rotting, away,
You, will, die.

Blood spews from it’s neck, let the weakling die.
Drowning in the visceral pit, as the lifeless fetus falls to the ground.
Blood spews from it’s neck, let the weakling die.

Fluids, leaking, from the dying corpse,
Bloody, pile, of fetal devastation,
Rotting, flesh, melting to nothing,
Now lays the skeleton, left to rot.

Bloody fetus on the ground,
Dead and gone, rotten spawn,
Tears now spilling from its empty eyes,
Milky mess of human life,
Spewing red, from its head,
Let the baby rot away and drown inside its own suicide.
Track Name: Putrid Infringement
Vile, destruction, I’ll beat your fucking skull in,
Kill, enslavement, I’ll rip your fucking heart out,
Gut, these swine, I’ll eat your fucking, flesh,
As, hope dies, I’ll end your,

Putrid, destruction, Warpath, Inside Me
Putrid, destruction, Enter my nightmare,

Bodies on the ground, lying at my feet,
(All hope dies)
What have I become, an utter disgrace,
(Reap, reprise)
Blood on my hands, guts on my knife,
(Bastard cries)
Putrid infringement, rid of all life,

Putrid, Infringement
Track Name: Psychopathic Rage
Bloodshed, killing for evil desire,
Ripping flesh, tearing apart the limbs,
Rabid, madness is here,
Blood red, taste of flesh is what I crave,

Psychopathic rage, Feed upon the weak,
Terror begins, As I kill.

As you weep you enter my wrath,
Now it’s time to die,
Tearing you apart, limb from limb,
Blood spewing onto the ground,
You cry in grueling agony,
As I watch you fucking suffer,
With blood pouring on my hands
I rid you of all fucking, life.

Bloody corpse, on the ground, spewing, entrails, everywhere,
Broken bones, lacerated flesh, rotting, useless, fucking cunt,
Stench of filth, fills the air, as you, slowly, decompose,
Lying dead, soil stained red, putrid, dismal, weakling.

Psychopathic rage, Feed upon the weak,
Terror begins, As I kill.
Track Name: Asphyxiated Cadaver
Virulent infection does spread violently
All across the human
Rigor mortis sets in
Plague stricken flesh contorts the larynx
Cold dead husk, Asphyxiated

Corroding, sores
Repeal the body of its soul

Grinding through the mechanism
Liquid body spouting forth
Internal bleeding drowns the lungs
Subject report shows an asphyxiated cadaver

Embrace the dead carcass
Worship this fresh death in
It's most judicious form
Then abolished into the pile

Purge this sacred flesh,
Crawl up and die,
Track Name: Submit to Slaughter
Agonizing screams in the cellar below,
Tied and bound where no one will know,
Rusted barbed wire over her eyes,
A horrifying slaughter will display her demise,
Desperately she tries to escape,
As the cellar door opens and reveals her fate,
A silhouette, with an axe, murder, now awaits

Trembling in fear, screaming in terror,
Nowhere to run, you must submit, to, slaughter.

Screaming, to numb the pain, as he begins,
Slicing, away her flesh right to the bone,
Quickly, she swats away his knife, to save her life,
He grabs her by the neck for soon she will be dead!

Bloody, disgrace,
Succumbing to the horrors of insanity,
With an axe now in his grasp, he prepares his final mass,
She shrieks in agony, as he chops down on her corpse.

Fraction the cadaver, to chunks of bleeding human,
Separate the digits and the cartilage within,
Hacking up her torso to an empty shell,
As her butchered, intestines, now spewing out,
Mangled remains, of a tortured sacrifice,
Rotting, into the ground,
Slowly, sickly, decomposing,
Horrifying, swine!
Track Name: ...of Hatred and Sin
I must feed through bloodshed,
I must feed through massacre,
I must feed through murder,
I must feed through torture,

Consuming my victims, Drinking their insides,
Gnawing the rotten flesh, Dissecting, every inch,

Mentally insane with a vengeance, Conquering the thoughts which possess me,
Slaughtering, is my coping, Disgusting butchery
Swallowing the scum as I feast for blood, Decimate the mammals at hand,
Pierce and slit the throats of the innocent, Pulverize, the human race,

Fucked in the head, I wish to enslave,
To quell on this putrid Earth, ridding it all, to, dust,
Crushed and slayed, no more! Sign, of, human, life!

Born, into, this life, urging to destroy, all, life!
Mentally insane, with one, single lust,
To kill, everything!

Utterly possessed by the tainted thoughts, Viciously, insane,
Disgusted by all humans, Everything, must be destroyed!

Born into a wasteland, Of pure disgusting filth,
With the power and disgust, to decimate, and rid this life of all it’s glory,

Livid, I am God,
A paroxysmal slaughter,
My hatred is fuelled by moonlit fire,
Forever unclean